Vision & Added value

ApisSys is an European company focused to deliver best in class High Speed Data Conversion and Signal Processing Solutions for defense applications. Founded in 2009, it's a fast-growing company; ApisSys data conversion products currently designed in 20 defense programs – development stage and deployment.

ApisSys Vision

Strenghts, values & goals

ApisSys strengths and values are based on the simple assessment that a company must generate customers, shareholders and employees satisfaction to be successfull.

  • ApisSys management is committed to provide customers with high quality, state of the art, reliable products.
  • ApisSys management is committed to provide employees with a motivating work environment
  • ApisSys management is committed to grow the company for shareholders benefit

ApisSys Strategy

Added value

ApisSys is dedicated to deliver best in class data conversion and signal and image processing solutions for defense, medical and industrial applications
In addition to COTS products based on international standards such as FMC, PCI Express, VPX or XMC, ApisSys can design custom solution using the wealth of experience and knowledge of its team. ApisSys can also provide system integration using our own products as well as third parties boards and sub-systems.

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