apissys obtains Cyber Essentials certification, strengthening its dedication to IT security


ARCHAMPS— apissys, a leading European-based provider of custom embedded systems and High-End VPX COTS boards, proudly announces its attainment of Cyber Essentials certification. This accomplishment underscores the company’s steadfast dedication to IT security, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner for its clientele.


Cyber Essentials, endorsed by the UK government, serves as a robust framework designed to fortify organizations against a wide array of prevalent cyber threats.

This Cyber Essentials certification, granted by the Iasme Consortium, affirms that apissys has implemented comprehensive security protocols to safeguard its IT infrastructure against common cyber risks. These measures encompass malware protection, secure system configurations, stringent access controls, and proactive patch management.


The certification enhance apissys’ reputation as a dependable business ally, offering clients assurance regarding the resilience of its security measures. This is particularly important in an environment where cyber threats are constantly evolving.

In parallel with achieving Cyber Essentials certification, apissys is committed to continuing its IT security efforts to proactively address emerging challenges. The company maintains its promise to provide secure and reliable integrated electronic solutions, designed to meet the diverse requirements of its customers.


About apissys

apissys delivers very high-speed data conversion and signal processing solutions for Electronic Warfare and Radar.

With unsurpassed performances, apissys OpenVPX solutions based on AMD UltraScale+ FPGA, provide customers with leading edge technologies for wideband ESM, DRFM or AESA radar.

apissys also provides custom solutions using the experience and knowledge of its team.



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